Insurance Services

Medical Insurance

  • Pre-retirees: Long Term Care (Assisted Living/Nursing Home and/or stand-alone Home Health Care)
  • Seniors: Medicare Supplement (Only "Issue Age" version coverage)
  • Businesses: Group plans (with optional life and/or short/long term disability)

Disability Insurance:

  • Individuals: Personal and/or tax-deductible Overhead expense coverage for professionals or working owners
  • Businesses: Executive Disability Income/Keyman and Buy-Sell Funding plans

Life Insurance:

  • Individuals: Six (6) types of permanent insurance or Death Benefit Only (Term)
  • Permanent Insurance with living benefits that address long-term care funding


  • Fixed and Fixed Index accounts
  • Flexible contribution accounts for pre-tax (Traditional) or after-tax (ROTH)
  • Immediate annuity accounts